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Co-op Students

Co-operative Education involves the combination of academic study with work terms. Students alternate periods of time spent in school with work experiences outside the College. Co-operative Education paid work terms provide students with an opportunity for substantial work experience that focuses on academic and personal goals. Through individual counselling, classroom instruction and workshops, students study the skills required to seek employment in today's job market. 

How do I get my Co-op jobs?

Obtaining employment is a joint effort between the student and Career Services, and learners must meet a minimum grade in their core courses to be eligible for the work placement.  Our Co-op Career Consultants will assist in developing job opportunities, but ultimately the student is responsible for her/his Co-op experience.

Will there always be a Co-op job for me?

The Career Services office cannot guarantee each student a job during their Co-op work term.  The Career Services Department continually provides job opportunities which are posted, however only the employer can offer employment.  The more extensive your job search, the greater your chances of success.

Are there any special fees?

A non-refundable Co-op fee is paid by the student each year they are enrolled in a Co-operative Education program.  It is not a placement fee; the employer decides who is hired.  The Co-op fee helps to defray a portion of the program's costs for administration of the total Co-operative Education experience.