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Services of Co-op

What other Co-op Services do you provide?

NC Employment Services provides a number of co-op services including:
  • Career Preparation Workshops
  • Personal resume, cover letter and interview counseling and assistance to students to effectively market themselves
  • Promotion of co-op programs to related industries through mail, telephone and personal visits to employers
  • Facilitation of the student application and selection process.  This includes advertising job openings, forwarding applications and arranging interviews upon employer requests
  • Workplace monitoring and mediation between employers and co-op students when necessary
  • Provision of telephone and fax service for student use for long-distance job recruitment within Canada
  • Provision of employer resource centre including internet access, directories, phone books, company profiles and reference materials
  • Assistance with International employment opportunities
  • Participation in trade shows and external professional organizations aligned with specific programs