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Co-op Hiring

Employers are continuously recruiting for upcoming work terms.  If you have work which is labeled "temporary, casual, or summer", or some other category, it would provide good working experience for our enthusiastic co-op students.

Niagara College has a variety of co-operative education programs (in the business, environment, horticulture, technology, hospitality and tourism fields). Co-ops are paid, career-related work experience that offer on-the-job experience for students and employers having the opportunity to work with new talent for peak seasons, staff coverage, special projects, etc.

Benefits - Click here for FAQ

  • High value/low cost
  • Tax credit and other funding
  • Opportunity to provide input to the college on recruiting needs
  • Productive employees
  • Knowledgeable students who willingly contribute to staff training
  • Proven recruitment strategy allowing you to preview potential future staff
  • Students requiring minimal training time


Co-op Employer Monitor Form
Co-op Student Monitor Form
Employer Evaluation Form

Spring 2023 Co-op Forms
Co-op Employer Monitor Report
Employer Evaluation Form

How Can I Participate?

If you would like to participate, you may indicate which of our co-op programs you are particularly interested in by e-mailing the associated Employer Relations Consultant, or by calling (905) 735-2211 ext. 7777 (Welland Campus) or (905) 641-2252 ext. 4165 (Daniel J. Patterson Campus)